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Digital Medical Thermometer


Measure your body temperature accurately and quickly with this electronic digital thermometer. A new and improved model, which provides fast measurement time and is highly accurate. It is also completely safe, as no mercury is used. A tone sounds when the final temperature is reached and the last temperature is stored each time.

Further Information

Features include:<br>1) Display range: 32º C~42.0º C(90º F~107.6º F)<br>2) Accuracy: ± 0.1º C(± 0.2º F)<br>3) Min Scale: 0.1<br>4) Memory: stores last temperature<br>5) Measurement time (reference only, it differs from people to people):<br> a) 60 seconds (oral) <br> b) 100 seconds (underarm) <br>6) Alarm function for when final temperature is reached<br>7) Auto shut-off<br>8) Battery: 1.5V button battery (LR/SR-41) included<br>9) Water proof