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Emma-Jane Maternity Bando-O

SKU: EMJ571-BLACK-1012
: Black

A Belly Band, or Bump Band is a favourite maternity accessory. Maternity belly bands allow you to wear regular clothes longer or maternity clothes sooner. No more worrying about the in-between stage when your regular clothes are too small and your maternity clothes are too big. A bump band keeps your bump covered, bridges any gap between your top and bottoms and it keeps it warm during colder months. A Belly Band is easy to wear and increases your wardrobe options as it conceals elastic waistbands and panels on maternity bottoms, as well as, covering up any unfastened buttons. You can get t back into your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes sooner too after birth the birth and if you are breastfeeding a belly band is also great as when you lift your top to breastfeed, the belly band covers your mid riff up. No bare flesh on show.