Long-Handled Professional Body Brush (Firm/Extra Firm Bristles)

Long-Handled Professional Body Brush (Firm/Extra Firm Bristles)

Ref: HYD40

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Hydrea's Long-Handled Professional Cactus Bristle Dry Skin Brush features an FSC* certified Beechwood detachable handle.

The extra firm cactus bristles are curved cut to ensure a scratch-free dry skin brushing.

The brush helps improve exfoliation and circulation, whilst stimulating the lymphatic system to promote detoxification. The ergonomic design and long handle makes it easy to reach your back, whilst the handstrap enables specific firm body brushing.

This brush is for dry skin brushing and is not designed for use in the bath/shower.

This brush is designed for experienced dry skin brush users. Professional Long-Handled Medium Bristle Brush if you have sensitive skin or are new to skin brushing.

Suitable for vegans.

Size: approx 46 cm long with approx 14 x 7.5 cm brush head

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