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L'oved Baby Nursing Shawl

: Caramel

We are delighted to introduce a new practical yet stylish product to the UK market. This nursing shawl provides the perfect solution to discreetly breastfeeding in public. Unlike other 'cover-ups' this beautifully designed soft faux suede shawl does not look like a bib or an apron but like an article of clothing you might well choose to wear. Not only does it allow you to breastfeed privately but also helps to protect the baby from distractions. It provides ample coverage for mother and baby with its roomy neckline - so that mother and baby can see each other.

It comes in five gorgeous colours - Think Pink, Out-on-the-Town Brown, Grand Sand, True Blue, Clay Grey, Grand Sand, Show and Tell Caramel and Keen Green and with its own matching drawstring bag that is small enough to fit in your handbag.

The shawl can also be used for feeding twins and many other purposes - a soft lightweight baby blanket, a cover up if you are expressing milk, a pregnancy poncho and even an emergency changing mat for your baby.