Premium Spectra PPSU Wide Neck Baby Bottle - 1 x 260ml Bottle with Fast Flow Teat

Ref: SPBT260


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Introducing the revolutionary breastfeeding friendly feeding solution for breastmilk. This premium Spectra bottle is made of durable PPSU, meaning your babies bottles are suitable for repetitive sterilisation and are heat resistant up to 200 degrees. The wide opening ensures the bottles are convenient for constant and varied use without wastage, as you can express into the bottle, store it and then use the bottle to feed. These bottles are easy to clean and sterilise, and are suitable to be stored in a fridge or freezer. The new design of the bottles makes it easier for your baby to hold, and the measurements are embedded into the bottles to guarantee durability. The new design of the teat allows the air to circulate back into the bottle and reduces incidents of pressure by eliminating the air entering your baby’s stomach, which can cause discomfort. These bottles are environmentally friendly and BPA free.

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