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From messy mutts to pampered pooches!  Keep their coats clean, paws protected and well look after with our range of grooming must haves!


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Dry Wash Shampoo for Pets – Soothing & Deodorising.  Pet Wiz Coconut & Oat
Handmade Dog Shampoo Bar 120g - Tea Tree & Neem Oil - Helps Repel Fleas & Ticks Grooming Pet Wiz
Premium Microfibre Dog Drying Bag | Super Absorbent & Fast Drying Bathrobe Towel Dog Apparel Pet Wiz
Save 25%
Quick Drying Microfibre Noodle Towel Towels Pet Wiz Grey
Plush Microfibre Noodle Mat Towels Pet Wiz
Double Sided Pin & Bristle Bamboo Brush for Dog Grooming Brush Pet Wiz
Double Sided Bamboo Dog Brush with Silicone Massager for Grooming Brush Pet Wiz
Hypercoat Prime - 250ml  Animal Health Company
1 in stock
Oatmeal with Lavender Dog Shampoo - Expired March 2024 Grooming Pet Wiz 250ml (1 x 250ml)
Save 95%