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Home Health

Make your health and wellbeing a top priority with our health care products including breathing exercisers, pulse oximeters, earplugs, thermometers, scales, oral hygiene items and more. We also offer a range of body and hair brushes to help level up your skin care routine. 


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Ana Wiz Wooden Body Brush
Ana Wiz Wooden Facial Brush
Long Handled Walnut Wood Bath Brush
Digital Medical Thermometer
Digital LCD Non-Contact Baby Thermometer
3 in stock
Replacement Filters for Braun Thermometer, Pack of 20
Braun Thermoscan 5  IRT6020 Ear Thermometer
Sold Out
Advantage 6013 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
1 in stock
Seca 203 Measuring Tape
4 in stock
Seca 210 Mobile Measuring Mat For Babies and Toddlers
1 in stock
SECA 213 Height Measure
SECA 216 Wall Mounted Mechanical Measuring Rod
1 in stock
Measuring Rod For Seca Baby Scales 336
Save 9%
Measuring Rod For Baby Scales Seca 376
Save 9%
SECA 336 Electronic Baby Scale
Save 10%
Seca 376 Electronic Baby Scales
Save 10%
SECA 384 Electronic Baby / Toddler Scale
Sold Out
SECA 385 Electronic Baby / Toddler Scale
Seca 416 Infantometer
Seca 417 Mobile Measuring Board
Seca 813 Extra High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale with Wide Platform
Seca 852 Culina Digital Portion & Diet Scales
Electronic Organ, Swab and Nappy Scales
Save 8%
Seca 875 Flat Scale With Integrated Display
1 in stock
SECA 877 - Flat scales for mobile use - Class III
SECA 757 Electronic Baby Scale
Save 8%
3 in stock
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