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Our Brands

The ana wiz brands focus on health & wellbeing for the home, whilst also being a trusted name within hospitals, GPs, salons and clinics. We pride ourselves in providing a seamless, and positive experience for our customers from start to finish, providing help, knowledge and quality products.

Ana Wiz has progressed from supplying maternity and baby products to hospitals, GPs and for home,  to expanding our product range to also encompass support for family health and well-being. Ana Wiz now provides specialised sites for breast pumps and breastfeeding, essential products for babies and toddlers, pet wellness items, salon essentials, and reliable yet affordable medical equipment.

A trusted brand worldwide, Spectra Baby UK specialises in supporting mothers throughout their breast pumping journey. Offering knowledge, support and guidance alongside our range of high quality breast pumps with innovative technology, giving mothers and their baby the best start.

Focused on making each exciting step with babies and toddlers as easy as possible, ana baby offer smart and environmentally conscious that are fun for little ones, and appealing for parents. The ana baby range adds simplicity into daily routines without sacrificing on style.

Dedicated to the wellness of pets and owners, prioritising health, happiness and strength of their bond. Offering a range of products designed to address common pet related challenges, from grooming to nutrition. Committed to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, ensuring every product meets the highest standards whilst minimising our footprint.

A well-known, trusted and market-leader brand in its field, the ANAGEL range has expanded from Ultrasound Gel to also include Cosmetic Gel, Aloe Vera and Arnica Gel. In addition to this, ANAGEL offer a comprehensive range of products for salons, clinics and hospitals. As well as direct sales, ANAGEL supply the NHS, private clinics, medical and treatment centres as well as many beauty therapy salons and clinics.

Reliable medical equipment that is widely used within hospitals and GP’s, and at home too. Offering a range of finger pulse oximeters, handheld oximeters and fetal dopplers that are trusted and dependable.