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Spectra Ultraviolet Bottle Steriliser

: White

This Spectra UV steriliser is the one stop solution for the automatic sterilisation and drying of your baby’s bottles. The one touch operation system makes the device easy to use and hassle free, completely user friendly. Just put your bottles in, choose one of three options for sterilisation, and let the machine work for 20-40 minutes depending on the cycle chosen. As a fourth option, you can choose to have the Spectra UV steriliser on the storage mode acting as a storage device for your baby’s bottles, keeping them sterile for up to 10 hours through the process of periodically switching from UV sterilisation to ventilation.

A great advantage to this product is the mute mode, simply hold down the storage button for a few seconds, which will induce the mute mode so the cycles do not disturb your baby. This steriliser uses a triple fan system, which makes the process efficient, and guarantees that the bottles are completely dry when the cycle has finished. The UV rays safely and efficiently eliminate 99.99% of E.coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria you want to keep away from your baby.

This device is particularly safe with features such as auto- off, meaning the UV lamps are turned off when the door is opened, and the PTC heater system used automatically maintains the desired temperature. The UV Steriliser has a removable filter at the back, which you can clean with water when necessary.

The spacious interior of the steriliser includes two removable shelves to maximise and effectively utilise the space provided to utilise to your needs. The glossy white exterior of the steriliser means that it can sit in any room within your home and look stylish. 

  • Baby bottle steriliser and dryer by Spectra, using Ultraviolet rays to safely eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria in less than 40 minutes 
  • Operation checking window, LED cycle indicator and temperature display all on the front of the device 
  • Four modes: 1. Auto: Low temperature drying, UV sterilisation and ventilation. 2. Dry: Low temperature drying and ventilation. 3. UV: UV sterilisation and ventilation. 4. Storage: Sterilisation and ventilation, every 2 hours repeated 5 times (10 hours). 
  • Spacious interior and stylish exterior 
  • Temperatures range up to 40 degrees which can be completely customisable to your needs