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Spectra M1 Accessories


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Maymom Spectra Wide Neck Breast Shield
PumpEase® Hands-Free Pumping Bra
Bottle Stand For Spectra Milk Storage Bottle
Spectra Milk Storage Bottles (Pack of 5)
Spectra Milk Storage Bags
Spectra Nipple Protector
Spectra Cold Storage Bag
Spectra Replacement Valve (New Style) - Pack of 4
Spectra Silicone Tubing (without adapter)
Spectra Breast Pump Bag
Sold Out
Spectra Premium Breastshield Backflow Prevention Filter
Spectra Wide Neck Teats, Slow Flow (0~3 months) Pack of 2
Spectra Wide Neck Milk Storage Bottles - Pack of 2 - 160ml
Spectra Wide Neck Milk Storage Bottles With Teats - Pack of 2
3 in stock
3 in stock