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ACU-LIFE Motion Sickness Relief Band

SKU: HE198

Motion Sickness Relief Band provides drug-free alternative!
No side effects. No drowsiness
Ideal for nausea related to traveling, morning sickness and anesthesia
Based on acupressure points in the wrists
One size fits all

Acu-Strap Motion Sickness Band alleviates the symptoms of motion sickness! Use anywhere that motion sickness relief is needed: automobiles, planes, trains, boats/cruises, amusement parks. These bands are also effective in relieving morning sickness. Here's what customer P.D. from Palm Springs told us via email:

"Please share my thanks--the ACU-LIFE motion sickness bands were a lifesaver!
What a great product! I recently traveled on a cruise in very rough seas in the midst of a huge storm... but without ANY "sea-sickness" for an entire week. Thank you!"

One pair of motion sickness relief bands