Ana Wiz Wooden Facial Brush

Ref: AWB100

Ana Wiz

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-This all natural, ethically sourced boar bristle brush will work alongside your everyday moisturiser to reduce fine lines and tighten pores
-Leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth and soft by lessening areas of oily skin, imperfections and even dryness
-Size: 30mm x 145mm x 40mm
-Works gently to suit even the most sensitive skins, even suitable for conditions like acne and rosacea
-Made from lightweight, sustainably sourced lotus wood, it's perfect for exfoliating the face and removing dead skin cells to leave your skin looking vibrant and refreshed

This little brush is perfect for exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger you. We use sustainably sourced lotus wood for the body of the brush and ethically sourced natural boar bristles to treat your skin gently and carefully. You can use it how you choose, with water, facial cleanser or moisturiser. It is even suitable for those with more sensitive skin types such as people with rosacea and acne.

How to Use: Wet the bristles and your skin with water, you can soften the bristles by soaking them in warm or hot water. Gently brush your face to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Brush Care: When finished, rinse off face and let the brush dry naturally after use with bristles facing downwards

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