Baby Control Digital Breathing Monitor with Digitally Adjustable Sensitivity

Ref: BC200

Baby Control

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· Continuously monitors the breathing and movements of an infant and displays the breathing movement intensity every 3 seconds
· Alarms if breathing is too shallow or breathing rate is too slow.
· Easy to use
· Excellent sensitivity in all directions
· Digitally adjustable sensitivity (9 levels)
· Two-year guarantee
· Fully certified medical device for use at home or in hospitals. (CE 1011)
· Uses standard AA batteries (supplied)
· CE Certified
· Large sensory pad(s) (500 × 300mm)
· Audio pre-alarm
· Hospital approved
· Can be used with up two three sensory pads
· Monitors the full sleeping area of the mattress
· Suitable for all types of mattress
· Event memory, the device can replay the last 9 minutes of breathing intensity.
· On / Off Safety Switch
· Illuminated display
· Double safety alarm
· Battery level monitor
· Used in hospitals throughout Europe
· Designed and manufactured within the EU.

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