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Baby Food Steamer & Blender - Outlet


We have run out of stock for this item.

*The outlet steamer & blenders have either been tested / used before, however, are in full working order and have been cleaned*

Healthy and efficient meal prep for your little ones just got easier. Our steamer & blender can also defrost, warm, and reheat food, plus it can sterilise your breastfeeding accessories too! It really is a handy piece of time saving, and space saving equipment that every parent needs.

The 4-in-1 baby food processor preserves all of the nutrients whilst steaming, plus it allows you to control the puree consistency, giving you maximum control over your baby’s weaning journey. You can steam, blend, defrost & reheat, and sterilise. The processor can also warm your baby bottles and breastfeeding accessories, no need for multiple appliances on your countertops.

The automatic steam and blend function makes our blender an ideal choice for busy parents, looking for a one stop solution for healthy meals and meal prep for your baby. This automatic setting means that you have perfectly pureed healthy food in a mere 20 minutes. You can make up to 12 meals for your baby at once, and pour straight from the jug into your storage containers. 


Steam: Steams fruit, vegetables, meat and more, all whilst preserving the nutrients and goodness from the food.

Blend: Use the automatic mode to have the food blended straight after steaming, or control the consistency of the puree with the manual blending settings.

Defrost & Reheat: With the handy shelf included you can defrost and reheat food jars, or breast milk bags whilst still preserving the nutrients. The processor will reheat evenly and safely.

Sterilise: Multifunctional! You can steam sterilise your baby bottles and breastfeeding accessories with this processor.