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Festive Slow Feeder Pet Bowl & Licking Mat

£10.79 £12.45

Let your pooch celebrate the festivities in style! Our dual pet bowl & licking mat is the perfect addition to their festive treats, whilst being helpful too! Available in fun designs of a pink gingerbread or green Christmas tree slow feeder design, and a mixture of Festive patterns on the licking mat underside! Space saving to keep more packing room for your Christmas adventures!

Slow feeders can help your pooch slow down their eating time, with the playful festive design making it harder for your dog to gulp down food, and improving their digestion. Our Festive bowl can help let your dog enjoy their Christmas meal for a little bit longer! The bowl is a fun, stimulating mealtime addition for your pets, acting as a puzzle for them trying to get their food, engaging your pooch and promoting development whilst slowing down their eating.

Licking mats are great for helping to alleviate stress and provide mental stimulation, with the repetitive licking action releasing endorphins providing a sense of safety and calm. When your pooch is feeling anxious about their environment, whether you have visitors for the Festive period, or they are taking a bath, the mat can help alleviate this anxiety and provide some distraction and positive reinforcement.