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HI Dop Vascular Doppler Set complete with 1 vascular probe


The HI-Dop pocket vascular doppler is an effective non-directional hand held doppler for non-invasive vascular assessment.

The HI-Dop Vascular Doppler is intended primarily for assessing vascular disease. Standard probes are 4, 5, 8 MHz.

Applications for this Pocket Vascular Doppler include Ankle Brachial Pressure Index, Venous Flow Screening, Leg Ulcer Management, Segmental Pressure Studies, Blood Flow Wave Form Recording and Arterial Flow Screening.

The HI-Dop vascular Doppler comes complete with ultrasound gel, soft carry case, manual and choice probes.


· 4, 5 or 8 MHz Ultrasound Probe
· Built-in speaker
· LCD Display
· Compact and Light
· High-Sensitivity Doppler probe
· Ergonomic Design
· Clean Sound
· Easy to Use
· Low power consumption
· Long period of continuous use (6 hours)
· 2 year warranty

Further Information

Technical Specification<br><br>Display<br>· LCS<br>· Low Battery Display<br>· Signal Quality Display<br><br>· Heart Rate Range: 50 - 240 b.p.m.<br><br>· Accuracy: ±2%<br><br>Ultrasound Frequency: 4 / 5 / 8 Mhz<br><br>Ultrasound Intensity: <10mW/cm²<br><br>Speaker Output Power: 1.2W (Built-in Loudspeaker)<br><br>Audio output for earphone<br><br>Auto Shut-off: 5 minutes<br><br>Auto Shut-off on ultrasound signal : 1minute<br><br>Power: 1.5V Battery X 2 (Type: AA)<br><br>PC Audio Interface: Standard Sound Card (Not included)<br><br>Battery Life: 360 minutes<br><br>Accessories<br>· Carring Case<br>· Battery (1.5V AA X 2)<br>· Gel<br>Standards:<br>· CE Certified, EN ISO 13485:2003 compliant<br>· Conforms to UK and EC Medical Safety Requirements (Medical Directive 93/42/EEC) <br>· CE 0470