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Lanolin 40ml


Lansinoh is the worlds purest Lanolin and has been specifically developed for the treatment of sore and cracked nipples alongside help with positioning and attachment (often the underlying cause of sore nipples).
Further Information

How Does It Work?<br>Lansinoh works by the process of moist wound healing, studies reveal moist wound healing offers a soothing environment for sore nipples, and as no scab is formed healing is accelerated.<br><br>Lansinoh coats the raw nerve endings and can provide immediate relief from pain.<br><br>Directions For Use<br>With clean hands, soften a small amount of Lansinoh between fingers and apply to entire nipple area after each feeding or as needed. Lansinoh Brand Lanolin does not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding.<br><br>For your comfort and to help protect sensitive nipples, you may also apply Lansinoh before showering.<br><br>Lansinoh should be used in conjunction with addressing the cause of the soreness. See additional reference material on causes of sore nipples.<br><br>If soreness does not to start to ease within 24 hours of commencing use of Lansinoh , or if the problem persists, user should contact a lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor or their health care provider.<br><br>Lansinoh brand lanolin used by itself is not a treatment for sore nipples caused by thrush (Candida albicans) or a bacterial infection.<br><br>Lansinoh brand lanolin can be used in conjunction with treatment for skin conditions. Unbroken skin is the best barrier to infection. Because Lansinoh relieves dryness that can result in cracking and promotes healthy skin, it may prevent some secondary infections