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Laser Eye Shields (Box of 24 Pairs)


Provide patient protection from laser and heat. Designed to block all medical laser from 190-11,000nm. The heat resistance is to make sure the patient stays protected even if a laser strike should occur. 
Uses & Benefits
  • The disposable laser eye shields provide protection from medical lasers.
  • The adhesive layer allows for easy application and removal without discomfort, and an additional heat protective layer provides further protection in the event of a laser strike occurring.
  1. Clean and dry the skin around the patient's eyes, and ensure eyes are closed.
  2. Remove the product from the box, and peel off the shield.
  3. Place the shield (one at a time), over the patients closed eyes.
  4. Gently peel off the product after use and dispose responsibly.
Ingredients / Materials
  • CE certified.
  • Latex-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Size: 55x32mm.