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Maymom Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Pumps

SKU: M001-K

This value pack includes one pack of the most pupular tubing for Medela Pump in Style Advanced sold after July 2006 and Pump in Style Original sold prior to 2004 and other parts (25 mm breasshields x2, valve x 2, membrane x 6). After years of research, it is clear that 25 mm sized breastshields fit the majority of the breast feeding moms the best. This convenient combo product can give Medela users a choice of 25mm breastshield while keeping their favorite Medela breastpumps.

NOTE: This breastshield DOES NOT work with Harmony or FreeStyle; The tubing will not work with Pump in style sold between July 2006 and 2004.

Retail poly-bag packed; sealed by the manufacturer.

Medela is a registered trademark of Medela, Switzerland. Maymom is not affiliated with Medela.