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Breast Shield Set and Accessories for Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

SKU: M012-F15V2M.LBfp.Sc.x2

Spare Parts Made by Maymom are adaptable to Medela Freestyle breast pump. Have the cup in the right size and important for efficiency and comfort. Medela offers no 17 mm cups for mothers with small nipples. For the request of numerous Mum, Maymom has developed this coppa-seno of 17 mm for mothers with small (16 - 18 mm Nipple Diameter after use of breast pump) that are using the Medela Freestyle tiralatti. Thanks to the protector reflux of Maymom, this kit offers a closed system by pumping while to mothers the option of choosing between a varietA cups between 15 mm and 36 mm. Maymom is not subsidiary with Medela. & # X130; L Product is not approved by Medela. Freestyle and a trademark of Medela.