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Maymom flange for spectra, 17 mm w/valve/membrane/Flange adapter

SKU: S012p-F17V2Mx2

  • 2x One-Piece Breastshield (17 mm internal diameter, specially designed for Spectra Pumps; Please measure your nipple diameter before making the purchase , 2 Valves, 4 Membranes; Compatible with Spectra pumps S1, S2, M1, Spectra 9 having the back-flow protector.
  • Nipple tunnel diameter is 17 mm, suitable for mothers with nipple diameter 14-16 mm AFTER a pumping session; Connects to Standard-sized bottles Connects to Standard-sized bottles incl all Medela, Ameda Bottles and small version of Spectra, Playtex, Gerber, Dr Brown etc; But NOT wide-mouth bottles like Wide/large version of Spectra. Please purchase/Use a Standard-Wide bottle converter for Wide mouth bottles.