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Natural Pregnancy


Every expectant mother wants to provide a safe and protective environment for her unborn baby but there are hidden hazards in almost everything we use or ingest. It is often hard to choose the right products given manufacturers’ often misleading claims and the amount of technical knowledge required to “translate” the components of many items.

Natural Pregnancy provides a guide to safe commercial alternatives as well as quick-and-easy recipes to create your own natural preparations. It helps to ensure that a pregnant woman’s home, food, skin-care products and cosmetics remain hazard-free and that her baby is insulated from potentially harmful substances. It enables all expectant women and their babies to remain healthy, unstressed and in the best possible shape for childbirth.

This accessible, easy-to-use book will help you to:

Choose safe commercial alternatives or make your own chemical-free bath and body products, skin- and hair-care preparations and cleansers
Use natural remedies for pregnancy problems
Exercise and relax using routines that boost your body, mind and immune system
Cope with the demands of pregnancy and labour
Maintain a positive state of mind

Susannah Marriott is a complementary healthcare writer, specialising in yoga, meditation and natural beauty. With three daughters aged six, three, and one, she has a special interest in pregnancy and baby care. Susannah has worked with pregnancy and childcare authors including Zita West, Sheila Kitzinger, and Penelope Leach and is herself the author of Basic Yoga, Va Va Voom Yoga, Total Meditation and Art of Motherhood. Her work has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Weekend Guardian, Zest, Shape, Top Santé, Here’s Health, and She.