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Organic Paw and Nose Balm for Dogs and Cats - Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Aloe

SKU: PW-C100

Healthy paws are happy paws! Our paw balm is a pot of goodness and a must have item to maintain your dog’s healthy paws whilst also soothing their paw pads and snouts, providing comfort to dry skin. We know that your pet deserves the best, that’s why our paw balm is made from natural and organic ingredients - you can trust it is the best option that is organic, natural and safe for your pet. These carefully chosen, active ingredients are perfect for use on your pups possibly sensitive skin, and a reliable balm throughout the year for paws in all seasons, conditions, and surfaces. Our conditioning treatment is used to form a barrier to protect their skin before your daily adventures together, and will provide chapped paws with a real sense of relief, absorbing into their cracked pads to nourish and moisturise to get them back running on all paws during the day, and sleeping comfortably at night. To use, simply smooth it onto your pups paws and snouts, or anywhere that they need a little bit of TLC. Use the balm as little or as often as your dog needs, however, for extra soothing powers and for best results we would recommend your pooch gets a pampering every day! A feel good treat for your dog’s feet. 


Key active ingredients:

  1. Sunflower seed oil - Contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and roughness for your pups paws
  2. Coconut oil - Used to hydrate, protect and smooth skin, and ensures the balm is easily absorbed
  3. White beeswax - Creating a protective layer on their skin, protecting them against harsh conditions
  4. Shea butter – Chosen for its super moisturising properties, and to aid the reduction of skin inflammation
  5. Vitamin E – Combatting toxins from the environment, supporting the maintain the healthiest skin
  6. Aloe – Rich in nutrients to provide cooling properties and anti-inflammatory to boosts the healing of wounds


  • Maintains, protects and soothes paws – Our paw balm will keep your dogs paws in a healthy condition whilst protecting them from harsh conditions, and soothing any discomfort they may be experiencing.
  • Natural & organic ingredients – The key active and gentle ingredients have been chosen to provide a ultra-nourishing, protective and cooling experience for day to day use keeping their paws happy and healthy.
  • Multi-Purpose For Dogs & Cats – Our super nourishing balm can be used on your dog or cat (or both!) for their paws and noses, supporting and soothing their skin.
  • Apply regularly – For best results and for maximum protection, we would suggest that your pooch gets pampered with our balm every day.
  • Perfect gift – A thoughtful gift for your four legged friend who may be in need for some much loved TLC.