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Soft Calming Donut Bed - Premium Quality For Dogs & Cats

: Dark Grey

The King or Queen of the House needs somewhere suitable to lay their head!

Our ultra-soft, calming donut bed ensures that your cat or dog will feel comfortable and relaxed for the purrfect sleep! Our luxurious, fluffy bed has a slightly raised curved edge to provide them with a pillow-like structure for maximum comfort and sleep quality. The donut shape bed promotes and supports deep sleep, and is ideal for the four legged friends who like to curl up, making your pet feel more secure and comfortable whilst sleeping, to relieve your pet's anxiety, relax faster and sleep better. 

The anti-skid material on the bottom of the bed keeps the bed in the place, to avoid slipping, with the material also being waterproof, so you can put the bed wherever your pets favourite place to rest is!

Available in six colours, to suit you and your furry friends needs:

  1. Dark Grey
  2. Light Grey
  3. Coffee
  4. Pink
  5. Champagne
  6. Khaki

Available in three sizes, to find a fit that is just right, from kittens and puppies, to cats and larger dogs:

  1. 50cm
  2. 80cm
  3. 100cm