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Soft Pet Toothbrush



Keep those canines (and felines) sparkling. Our Lush & Plush Pet Toothbrush has soft, premium bristles to remove tartar and plaque. A non-slip grip helps keep control while brushing, and a corner-less oval head is gentle on soft mouths and can reach into tight spaces. Landfill biodegradable and BPA for safe, effective, sustainable brushing. Perfect for pets of all ages and sizes. Toothbrush colour may vary from the colour scheme pictured.

Uses & Benefits

Pair the Lush & Plush Pet Toothbrush with our USDA Organic Canine Toothpaste for fresh breath worthy of puppy kisses. Made with organic coconut oil, sweet potato, and cinnamon for healthy teeth, skin, and coat.


Brushing your pets teeth is as important as brushing your own. Oral care problems in pets can lead to bigger health issues and high vet bills. Our Lush & Plush Soft Pet Toothbrush removes plaque and tartar to keep your furry friend happy and healthy

Ingredients / Materials

Our non-slip grip helps you keep control while brushing and our landfill biodegradable, BPA-free handle leaves your pets' teeth as clean as the environment.