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Spectra Breast Pump Expression Set


Spectra Breast Pump Expression Set (Suitable for Spectra 3 and Spectra Dew Electric Breast Pumps)


Replacement / Additional expression set suitable for the Spectra Dew 300, Spectra Dew 350 and Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pumps.

Whats in the box:

1 x Spectra Breast Shield
1 x Spectra Tubing with adapter
1 x Backflow prevention filter
1 x Breast milk Collection bottle (160ml)

This expression set can be used to convert a single expression Spectra 3 or Spectra Dew pump to Dual Expression.

All parts that come into contact with breast milk can be sterilized via microwave, electric steam sterilizer or cold water sterilization methods (i.e. breast shield and bottle).

Do not sterilize the tubing or the back-flow prevention filter. The tubing can be washed occasionally and dried thoroughly before use in a warm place eg. airing cupboard.