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Spectra Dew 350 Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump - Dual Expression



The Spectra Dew is a hospital grade electric breast pump which is simple and easy to use. It It has a powerful yet quiet and smooth pattern of suction, which enables breastfeeding mums to quickly and efficiently support their milk production. The Spectra Dew comes with backflow protection to keep your milk from harmful bacteria.

Unlike the other Spectra models, the Spectra Dew has no let down mode therefore is ideally suited to new mums wanting to express, particularly those relying on the pump or needing to build supply.  If you’re a mum with an older baby, you are more likely to need a pump with a massage mode to simulate the natural suckling of a baby, so perhaps take a look at the Spectra S1, S2 or S9 models.

  • We suggest that you start off with the suction power to the lowest level, and then gradually increase the suction power to a strength you feel comfortable with.
Technical Specification
  • Weight: 1.8kg.
  • Voltage: 220-240Vac.
What's in the box?

The Spectra Dew 350 arrives packaged with everything you need to start single or double pumping right away!

  • 2 x Spectra 28mm breast shields.
  • 2 x Spectra Backflow Protectors.
  • 2 x Spectra Duckbill Valves.
  • 2 x Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Including teat, cap, disc and cover for each bottle.
  • 1 x Spectra UK plug.