TP500 Non-Contact Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

Ref: TP500

Ana Wiz

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  • Non- contact measurement- The thermometer can take a reading within a distance range of 5-15cm, ensuring you can keep a safe and comfortable distance without physical contact when reading temperatures.
  • Reliable thermometer- Fast and high-precision temperature measurements in one second, made possible with the infrared temperature sensing.
  • Intelligent sound and light warning – The screen will indicate which temperature group the reading is in (low, normal, high) with an alarm sounding if a high temperature is detected.
  • Body & object readings- The thermometer can take readings from the forehead or various objects such as milk or water.
  • Convenient design & memory capacity- The one-button operation of the thermometer makes this easy and efficient to use, with the backlight screen ensuring it’s suitability for night time use. The thermometer can hold up to 30 previous temperature readings for extra precaution.

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