Your Non-Toxic Pregnancy

Your Non-Toxic Pregnancy

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Ana Wiz

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Every expectant mother wants to provide a safe and protective environment for her unborn baby but there are hidden hazards in almost everything we use or ingest such as arsenic in your eye shadow and hormones in chicken. Women aged 20-45 are especially vulnerable to toxic substances and their effects, and even more so when they are pregnant. Yet it is often hard to choose the right products given manufacturers’ often misleading claims and the amount of technical knowledge required to “translate” the components of many items.
Your Non-Toxic Pregnancy makes clear the substances found in common household, food, and office items, and also the practices that can be damaging to your baby and yourself. It provides a guide to safe commercial alternatives as well as quick-and-easy recipes to create your own natural preparations. It is your guide to ensuring that your home, workspace, leisure-time activities, food, skin care, and cosmetics remain hazard- and stress-free.

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