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Your Pregnancy Bible


Your Pregnancy Bible – New and updated edition

The Experts’ Guide to the Nine Months of Pregnancy and the First Weeks of Parenthood

Lauded by women and their caregivers as simply the best pregnancy guide, Your Pregnancy Bible has now been thoroughly updated and revised to take account of the changes in antenatal care and obstetric practice since the book was first published. It also offers the latest recommendations for what to eat and drink during pregnancy, and how to avoid potential hazards.

The book’s combination of in-depth, illustrated chapters that deal with all aspects of antenatal care, labour and delivery and newborn care, plus highly detailed reference sections on medical treatments and procedures, and its week-by-week look at the developing baby, has led readers to exclaim “Excellent – everything I wanted to know; Fantastic! A real must-have! This is the one you need. Does exactly what it says on the cover!!”.

Thoroughly revised to ensure that its coverage of vital subjects such as ultrasound scanning and other screening tests, labour management, maternal disease during pregnancy and infant first aid reflect the latest UK guidelines, Your Pregnancy Bible is certain to remain the ideal pregnancy companion for all pregnant women and their partners.

Comprehensively updated to reflect the current medical management of antenatal care, labour and delivery, and maternal and newborn health
Includes the latest dietary, exercise and lifestyle guidelines
Accessible and authoritative information on obstetrics, fetology, genetics, paediatrics and related fields
The combined knowledge and experience of experts in their fields, overseen by a top, practising consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Special, visually exciting gatefold spreads cover the milestones of each trimester, making it easy to keep track of important tests and check-ups
A complete sequence of baby’s physical development in utero week by week, including the latest 3-D images
An in-depth directory of specialised tests and procedures available for both mother and child
Practical and reassuring advice on all aspects of pregnancy and early parenthood including psychological and emotional support

A special chapter for future dads on preparing for fatherhood and their role throughout pregnancy